Crocheted Angry Birds Hat

After finishing the poncho for my daughter, I made this hat for my son.

Red Angry Bird Hat
Red Angry Bird Hat

He really likes my Angry Birds pig hat, but he likes the red angry bird the best. This only took a few days to make and was easier than I feared. I have no explanation for the face he’s making.

I started with my hat base. It seemed so small because I’m used to making my hats for my big noggin. I made the feathers by chaining eight then single crocheting down to the start. Then I chained six from that point and single crocheted back down. The beak was three triangles made using single crochets. Triangles are not an exact science when it comes to crochet, let me tell you. I used a double crochet magic ring, finished with slip stitches, for the eyes. The pupils are French knots (a trick from my old cross stitching days). The eyebrows were a little more inventive. I chained sixteen, double crocheted into the third chain from the hook, double crocheted into the next chain, half double crocheted into the next two chains, single crocheted into the next three chains, half doubles into two chains, and finished with three double crochets at the end of the chain. The trick with the brow is to then tack it on upside down so the tops of the stitches touch the eyes and the chain makes up the top of the brow.

This will be the last crochet post for a while. I’m making my wife a scarf using the rest of the poncho yarn with a blanket stitch. After that, I’m starting a huge project that will probably take months to compete. But it will be oh so worth it.

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