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Welcome to This page is an exhibition of multimedia that I have created. It includes standalone programs, graphics, movies, music, and more.

I have used any number of tools to create what you’ll find here. I would list them, but that may take awhile, and I’m not sure I could ever give a complete list. If you wish that you knew how to do some of the things you find here, you can contact me and ask me any questions. I will endeavor to either give you the steps, or point you to resources that will.

I am always open to some freelance work for web design, programming, graphics work, movies, sounds, or even all of the above. If you even think I might be able to help you with any computer-related project, contact me.

This site has been redesigned to separate the design from the content as much as possible. Since this means having a separate CSS file, the side benefit is that now you can select which style of page you prefer and as long as you have cookies enabled, subsequent page views and visits will utilize whatever style you chose.

That is unless you are on a Sony PSP® right now. Oh, yeah! I’m PSP®-enabled, baby!

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